When and How to Take a Payday Loan

payday loan Salaried people who have a fixed pay day often face a lot of difficulties towards the end of the month. How often are we faced with financial crunch towards the end of the month when a sudden unexpected expenditure in the form of a broken appliance or a car repair etc. comes up and we do not have enough money to fix it or buy it immediately? However, the expenditure is a must. We know that we are good to pay it back once we get paid but we just do not have the money at that moment. It is for situations like this that Credit Excel Capital is offering its innovative and very helpful payday loan Singapore.

Before you think about taking a payday loan from the Credit Excel Capital you must know that it is not like any other loans. What is different about this one is the fact that it is a short term loan. So you must borrow only as much money as you think you can pay it off the following month. It is best advised not to borrow a huge amount of money in through payday loan Singapore because in that case you may face a lot of difficulty repaying it back as the amount along with the interest can be quite taxing for you to repay if you do not make a prompt payment the following month.

How to Get This Loan

The process to get a payday loan is quite simple. You need to come down to any of the three Credit Excel Capital offices and meet an agent. The agent and you together will decide upon the type and the amount of loan best suited for you. Once that is done a repayment plan too will be decided. In the following step you can make a loan application and wait for it to be approved. The approval takes very little time. Throughout the process the agent will be there guiding you through all the processes.

What Documents Do You Need To Furnish

If you are interested in borrowing money through this plan then you need the following documents:

  • Proof of birth ( Borrower should be 21 years of age or above)
  • Valid NRIC
  • Valid Passport
  • Proof of Address (Any billing proof)
  • Last Three Months Pay slip (In case of no CPF contribution)